1. "as parents you can only try to do your best but your kids will always have something to tell their psychiatrist"
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  2. plantsmoke:

    “goodnight tumblr!”
    *jerks off 4 times*
    “i couldn’t sleep :/”

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  5. internetmessiah:

    i love conspiracy theories bc at first you think they’re utter bullshit but then you start reading these crackpot articles and suddenly you’re convinced Obama is actually a reptilian overlord and the moon landing was faked

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  7. avatardedpotterhead:


    then that’s totally cool

    just thought I’d let you know

    look the attractive human is back on my dash

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  8. "A girl calls and asks, ‘Does it hurt very much to die?’. ‘Well, sweetheart,’ I tell her, ‘yes, but it hurts a lot more to keep living.’"
    — Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor (via observando)

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